Word Finder

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Word Find is a smart assistant for word search, it creates the maximum number of word combinations from real words or a set of letters. This is a priceless service when you are in the process of playing Scrabble, Words with Friends, Jumble, Spelling Bee and other word games.

How to use the Word Finder?

Using Word Finder is very convenient and intuitive: You enter words or combinations of letters into the search bar and get short and long words verified by dictionaries approved by games with calculated points for them. If you like to play word games dynamically, without getting stuck for a long time on thinking about score-effective word combinations, keeping the Word find website open is the best option for you. The service will become your lifesaver at a family party or a party with friends. Word find is an absolutely winning tool.

Why is Word find a universal service for fans of word board games?

  • One helping website for all major word games
  • Knows exactly which words exist and which don't – no more arguments with your playmates
  • Immediately counts points
  • Checks if a word is suitable for a certain game
  • Splits the resulting list of words into groups according to the number of letters in the word

Who is Word Find suitable for?

Word Finder differs from similar services, dictionaries and hint sites in its ease of use and the availability of all the necessary functions to help while playing word games collected in one place. With our Word Finder, your vocabulary will expand much faster, your knowledge of spelling words, speech literacy and speed of thinking will improve. In this way, Word find will help you become more productive at work and in your daily routine.

  • Those who love words, likes to expand their vocabulary
  • Fans of board games
  • Those who think that intellectual competitions are the most exciting
  • Those who often try to prove to friends during the game that the word they use exists – and have to look for confirmation in different sources

How to use word game helper?

1. Enter up to 15 letters into the search bar or Starts, Ends, Contains, Length fields

2. Enter Search button

3. Done! You have received word options. Clicking on each word opens a list of games and a mark which games this word is suitable for

4.  You will see the number of points you will get by using this word in the games Scrabble, Words with Friends

5. In a separate block you will find unscrambled variants with different numbers of letters

Which are Word Find’s functions?

  • Generation of words from letter combinations for the games Scrabble, Words with Friends, Jumble, Spelling Bee
  • Scoring points for each of the variants of the resulting words
  • Checking words to match dictionaries for the word games
  • You can immediately search for words from the dictionary for Scrabble US, Scrabble UK or Words with Friends
  • You can choose words by alphabetical lists and by the number of words