Spelling Bee Solver

Enter 7 letters from the Spelling Bee puzzle

The goal of the game is to find as many words of four or more letters as possible using letters in honeycombs. Each round of the game contains 7 letters, which are arranged in the form of honeycombs. Inside the yellow hexagon in the center is a letter that needs to be used in each word. To use a special search, select the Spelling Bee Solver section in the upper right menu and fill in the search bar.

What is Spelling Bee?

This is a word game where you have to make as many words as you can with 7 letters in the honeycomb. In each of the resulting words there should be a letter in the center of the honeycomb. In the modern version, the Spelling Bee game gained popularity due to the online game by the New York Times.

History of Spelling Bee Game

The basis of the first Spelling Bee is a pronunciation competition of words by letters, revealing  those who know the spelling of the word better. The evidence of the first such competitions dates back to 1850 in the USA. By 1925, the first National Spelling Bee was already being held, where people from all states participated. In 1941, the Scripps Howard News Service conglomerate entered into sponsorship and renamed the contest the Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee (then the name was shortened to Scripps National Spelling Bee). In the USA, Spelling Bees are held annually, starting with local contests and ending with a national one, in which the winner is awarded with a cash prize.

How to play Spelling Bee?

First you are given 7 letters located in a beehive. You need to find the first word, using necessarily the letter from the center of the hive. The same letter can be used no more than 1 time. The minimum number of letters in a word is four.

The game goes on the number of points. A four-letter word collected according to the rules gives you 1 point. If you manage to collect a word of 5 letters or more, then you already get 1 point for each letter. Also, you can immediately get 7 extra points if you find a pangram (a word that uses all the letters from the hive at the same time).

Advantages of using Spelling Bee Solver

Using the Spelling Bee Solver tool on wordfind.org, you can no longer wait thinking about the options of words for an extended period of time. The game will go faster, more dynamic and more interesting, and you and your friends will be able to learn more new words and improve your intellect in a shorter time.

Example of a word search in Spelling Bee Solver

You have 7 letters: FGOREZA, in the center of the hive is the letter Z. How many words will it be possible to create from a set taking into account the central letter? Spelling Bee Solver gives out more than 15 such words, 5 of which are five-letter, which means that each is rated at 5 points.

What 4-letter words will it be possible to collect with the required letter W from the SAWUOHB set? We enter a combination of letters into the Spelling Bee Solver search bar and get words such as: whos, whoa, wash, hows, show, and others