Anagram Solver

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Anagrams are words made of phrases you create by reordering the letters of another word or phrase. To use Anagram solver, enter up to 15 letters and up to 3 wildcards into the search bar, press Search button and you can choose the options for the game from the list of generated verified words.

What is Anagram

Composing words from mixed letters is called an Anagram. To play Anagrams, you need a set of tiles with letters on one side. The tiles turned upside down are shuffled, then turned over one by one, the players compose words by combining them with existing words, their own or someone else's.

The game has a positive effect on the development of attention, concentration, creativity, speed of thinking and even memory. You will learn how to quickly and efficiently reproduce previously obtained information, find solutions, and quickly check a variety of options.

History of Anagram puzzle game

There are different versions of Anagrams origin. As a literary device, they have been known since the times of Ancient Greece and Rome. In the 16th century, secret messages were encrypted with anagrams. As an entertainment, anagrams became popular in the Victorian era in England, and almost immediately in the USA. Sets of letters were made by many manufacturers from materials such as cardboard, embossed wood and others.

How to play Anagram puzzle games

First you need to put all the tiles face down in the center of the table. Players make moves turning over the tiles until someone notices a word of three or more letters. When a player sees a word, he immediately calls it (regardless of who turned over the last tile) and places the word in front of him. Then the game continues with the flipping of additional tiles. You can even "steal" a word from another player and combine it with one or more tiles from the selection in the center of the table. All letters are worth a certain number of points, so the winner is determined by their number.

How to use Anagram Solver

Imagine that during the game you have reached a dead end and do not know what words or phrases can be obtained from the inverted tiles with letters. Visit , in the upper-left menu select Anagram Solver and enter a set of letters in the search bar, then click Search. The service will immediately give you several dozen existing words of different lengths.

Example of word search with Anagram Solver

You play Anagrams and you see that your partner gets the word BEAT, and there are still 4 letters on the field W, I, O, L. What can happen if you combine the letters? What are the options? Enter into the Anagram Solver WON? VIOL. The service will give you 2320 words, from 8 letters in a word to two.

Given: VITERBO letters. Enter them into the Anagram Solver. The service will give you 123 words, the longest of which are lover, oliver, violet, boiler, libero, reboil.