Jumble Word Solver

Enter up to 15 letters and up to 3 wildcards (?) to unjumble

In Jumble Solver you are given 7 random letters, sometimes there is a clue. You can find variants of words from a given set of letters by selecting the Jumble Solver section and filling in the fields, then clicking Search.

What is Jumble

Jumble is a word game with anagrams and the task to decipher the jumbled letters, but it differs from other word games in that it has a hint.  Jumble develops logic, imagination, vocabulary, intelligence, speech and mental abilities. And it also perfectly entertains. There are many varieties of the game under the Jumble brand:  Jumble for Kids, Jumble Crosswords, etc. For children the game is very useful and exciting, a special children's version is suitable for 7 to 12 years old. Now you can find websites and mobile apps with the Jumble game.

Game history

The fact that pictures are used in Jumbo suggests the creator of the game. He was Martin Nadel, previously known as the creator of comics, already popular in the USA in the 50s. Martin Neidel created Jumble game in 1954. The game was published in separate  headings of about 600 newspapers. In 2014, the game was re-released by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek.

How to play Jumble

The current version of the game contains four basic anagrams, two of five letters and two of six, followed by a hint and a number of spaces in which the answer to the hint fits. The answer to the hint is usually a joke. The weekly "children's version" of the puzzle contains three and four letter words. To find the letters that are in the answer to a given hint, the player must decipher all four encrypted words; the letters that are in the hint will be circled. Then the participant deciphers the circled letters to form an answer to the hint. There is another way, someone likes it more: to unravel only part of the encrypted words, guess what the answer to the hint will be, spell it out in the remaining cells, and then unravel the ciphers.

How to use Jumble Word Solver

To unravel the encrypted words quickly, go to wordfind.org , in the upper-left menu select Jumble Solver and enter a set of letters in the search bar, then click Search. The service will immediately give you several dozen existing words of different lengths.

Example of word search with Jumble Solver

If we enter a word combination BORUTVC, a service will give 58 words – 4 five-letter, 14 four-letter, 32 three-letter, and 8 two-letter words. They are enough to choose one suitable word for inserting into empty cells of the game.

Let’s say you got a combination of letters WYBTA as an answer to the clue. If the hint does not help, use Jumble Solver: enter letters in the search bar. A word of 5 letters, which is obtained from the combination – bawty.