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Scrabble Word Finder will help you find the highest scoring words for Scrabble, Words with Friends and other similar puzzles. This tool is great if you're stuck and need a little hint to move forward. You may also find it useful for learning new words and resolving disputes with your opponents with our handy vocabulary checker.

What is Scrabble?

Sсrabble is the world's most popular word board game. Scrabble is deservedly considered a classic of board games and unites millions of companies and families around the world behind its playing field. 

History of the game

Its history began in the thirties of the XX century in the USA. During the Great Depression, architect Alfred Mosher Butts was accidentally out of work and decided to create his own board game.

After analyzing the games that existed at that time, Butts chose to create a board game that requires both ingenuity and luck and uses elements of anagrams and crosswords popular in those years.

The first two modifications of the game were not accepted by publishers and Batts tried to distribute them himself, but he barely recouped the costs. In the end, the rights to the game were bought from him by entrepreneur and game lover James Bruno. It was he who simplified the game and gave it the name Scrabble. Since the 50s, the board game has become record-breaking popular and since then its success has been unchanged.

The uniqueness and value of Scrabble is that it carries the energy of group play, the joy of live communication, brings people together, while simultaneously developing their intellectual abilities, teaching language and logical and creative thinking. The game promotes the development of friendly relationships between people.

How to play Scrabble

Scrabble is a two-player game. The most interesting process unfolds when 3-5 people gather behind the playing field.

Before you start, you need to make sure that you have everything you need for the game: a field, chips, a bag, stands, a place to record the result and a spelling dictionary, also in recent years it has become increasingly popular to use an assistant site for selecting words for Scrabble, such as

All the knuckles with letters must be mixed in a bag. Each participant must pull out 7 chips. From those remaining in the center of the field, the novice player lays out any word.

The first word is laid out horizontally or vertically in the center of the playing field. Next, the players take turns laying out the letters so that the resulting word contains a letter from the ones located on the field. It is impossible to compose stand-alone words.

In one move, you can use all the available chips and compose more than one word, thereby earning more points. The descendant needs to calculate the sum of points in the resulting word and fix the result.

The number of chips in your hands should always be 7, so after the move you need to get them out of the bag.

The letters correspond to the points indicated on the chips. The cells painted on the field help to multiply the points scored. You can see how points are counted during the game in the instructions.

How helps in searching words for Scrabble

The tool accelerates the selection of the right words, checks them for compliance with the requirements of the game, finds the maximum of words from the given letters and groups the resulting words according to the number of points they will bring. Forget about arguments about suitable words, boring scoring and flipping through the dictionary. Wordfind will bring dynamics to your game.

How to use Word find while playing Scrabble

1. Enter the letters into the search bar in Scrabble Finder section of

2. Enter Search button

3. Done! You have received word options.

4. You will see the number of points you will get by using this word in the game

Example of word search for Scrabble

Imagine you get a letter mix BEARINO. A quick look at the combination suggests the words BEAR, RINO, BORN. According to Scrabble Finder search, these options will cost from 6 points each. Are there any words that would score more? These words are aborne, bonier, borane and 8 points options.  

You need to understand which word variants you will get from the combination of letters GOPRESA. Enter them in the Scrabble Finder search bar. You have 253 word options: from GAPERS for 9 points to OP for 4 points.