Words with Friends Cheat

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The game is almost identical to Scrabble, but made by Zynga's game studio and it is most often played in mobile applications. The peculiarity of Words with Friends is that they rely on dictionaries other than Scrabble, and Word find takes this into account by marking words in the search results with "ticks" confirming that the word matches the Words with Friends dictionary database.

What is Words with Friends

Words with Friends is a popular word game. The rules of this game resemble Scrabble, since in Words with Friends you also need to take turns making words from the given letters. The peculiarity of Words with Friends is that it is more popular in the online version than in the board version. It is played by people all over the world on Facebook and in mobile apps on Ios and Android, they manage the process through Push-notifications and find friends from among the players, because they are often randomly assigned, which makes the process even more interesting and global.

History of the game

The game was released in 2009 by Newtoy. Already in 2010, Words with Friends became the leader of downloads in the iOS App Store. In 2017, the game earned the title of the most popular mobile game in the USA.

Such popularity caused a public request for a physical version of the game – a classic board game. In 2012, Zynga, in collaboration with Hasbro, released the Words with Friends board game, which now can be found with the “Hasbro Gaming” logo.

How to play Words with Friends

The rules are almost the same as in Scrabble. So if you know how to play Scrabble, you will quickly learn Words with Friends. Players receive 7 random tiles with letters that will be consumed throughout the game, but also replenished as needed.  Players take turns forming words on the board vertically or horizontally, as in a crossword puzzle. Each word gets a certain number of points. You need to collect as many of them as possible to win. 

The game ends when the player plays all the tiles in his rack, and there are no tiles left to draw. At the end of the game, the one who has got more points wins.  

How to use Words with Friends Cheat

The peculiarity of the Words with Friends game is that it relies on its own dictionary, not the same as in Scrabble. Knowing which word is right for Words with Friends is convenient, because it reduces the likelihood of mistakes and speeds up the game process. To do this, there is a service Words with Friends Cheat from wordfind.org . You need to go to the site, select Words with Friends in the upper left menu, and use the search bar by entering a set of letters and clicking Search. You will get a list of words, clicking on each one will be able to find out if it is suitable for the game and how many points you will get for it.

Examples of Words with Friends Cheat use

Let's say there is a combination of EWICARI on your tiles with letters. What words, with how many points and corresponding to the Words With Friends dictionary can turn out? Type EWICARI in the search bar in Words with Friends Cheat. The longest word that will come out is ICIER. It corresponds to the dictionary of the game and will bring 8 points.

You need to understand which word variants you will get from the combination of letters DAZEIBG. Enter them in the Words with Friends Cheat search bar. You have 86 variants of words: from BAIZED for 18 points to ZA for 11 points.